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A NEW MUSICAL hIn This House ~ Last Night, First Morning ~h with English Subtitle


2018/4/4 (Wed) `2018/4/15 (Sun)


Tokyo Arts Theater Theater East

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All seats specification: 6,800 yen (tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee

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Performance content PR SHORT ver.

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NEWIPR Johnny ver.

Could we have chosen a better future
not to hurt each other?

A story of intimate memory and truth - about a family, a lover and a friend who spends life together
The story is comprised of four characters gathered in a house: Henry Arden in his 60s, is facing his life to carve out the future with his own hands. Luisa Arden in her 60s, wants to live in peace with resigned to her fate before God. Annie Friedkin in her late 20s - early 30s, wants to live each day to the fullest. And John DfAmato in his late 20s - 30, has a dream to have a big family like his father did.
In gthis househ, Henry and Luisa face each other with their past love, Johnny and Annie with their future love, to take a step forward in their life.

A new musical as a rich short story
In This House, which will be first performed outside the US, is an off-Broadway sleeper with curiously interwoven monologue with dialogue, song with music. Music by Mike Reid, who once was an American football player turned into a Grammy Award-winning songwriter and composer with more than 30 Top-Ten pop and country hits, is full of emotions while expressing a cerebral drama. You would love its delicate and condensed view of the world like turning pages of an elaborately-made short story.

Up and coming casts and creatives getting together!
Promising casts from each generation are getting together for this premiere in Japan: Yuji Kishi (Les Misérables, Miss Saigon), Kanako Irie, Sayaka Watabiki and Kohei Norizuki (ROCK MUSICAL BLEACH). With direction by Kyoichi Itagaki who has directed from straight play to musical and various video works including Too Many Husbands, Next time, a devoted husband, Frankenstein - A New Musical, Asahinagu, they will depict conflicts among the sexes, marriages and generations toward resolution.

gEven more surprisingly, part and parcel of this shift was a raft of solidly
integrated songs with superb lyrics, which range from the dramatically intense to the high spirited and even humorous.h
|Talkinf Broadway

Johnny DfAmato and his girlfriend Annie Friedkin reunite after a long separation. At the same time Henry and Luisa Arden, an older couple, are
returning to spend New Yearfs Eve in the now-deserted house they built and lived in for many years. John and Annie run off an icy road into the Ardenfs brick wall and end up spending the night in the house. In the course of the evening, all four-share humor and heartbreak as they compare their views of marriage.
Their chance encounter leaves all of them forever changed.
Performances Homepage https://www.consept-s.com/in-this-house
Appearance Yuji Kishi / Kanako Irie / Sayaka Watabiki / Kohei Norizuki
Staff Adapted/Directed : Kyoichi Itagaki
Schedule Period
2018/4/4 (Wed) `2018/4/15 (Sun)

4/4 (Wed) 19: 30
4/5 (Thu) 15: 00 / 19: 30
4/6 (Fri) 19: 30
4/7 (Sat) 13: 30 / 17: 30
4/8 (Sun) 12: 30 / 16: 30
4/10 (Tue) 19: 30
4/11 (Wed) 19: 30
4/12 (Thu) 15: 00 / 19: 30
4/13 (Fri) 19: 30
4/14 (Sat) 13: 30 / 17: 30
4/15 (Sun) 12: 30 /16: 30
Running time : Approx.90 min. (no Intermission) / House Open : 30 min
before performance starts.
= after talk, = photo on stage(lottery)
Ticket Fee All seats specification: 6,800 yen (tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee
Venue Tokyo Arts Theater Theater East
Remarks We are not allowed to enter the preschool children.
Original English subtitles are available via the Omotenashi Guide application.
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