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Ask production vol, 21-backyard series 5 ~ <World Heritage series "Mountain backyard! "~ The Tomioka silk mill ~


2018/9/5 (Wed) 〜2018/9/10 (Mon)


Theater green BIG TREE THEATER

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Performance content [Story]
Togu Kaoru was heading to Tomioka city, Gunma prefecture.
where is the Tomioka silk mill. example machine-reeling plant
the Meiji Government was established for the modernization of Japan. work gathered from around the country reeling, take a raw silk from cocoons
founding era, Cou,
silk authentic instruments and focuses on high-quality raw silk in foreign countries had been appreciated.
Kaoru's gait was heavy. the factory was forced to live in a
one thing and was recommended by my friend. I thought only
harsh labour is required. In this first life was thought no speck of light. Kaoru
however, arrived at the silk mill was first was the landscape is completely different from the fantasy.
it work as well as the living lay person lives there was.
and Kaoru to fateful encounter with one woman.
mayuzumi light River, which is her name. By ja 光江, Kaoru
joy as the Japanese know as a woman. Tomioka silk mill of Showa era not quite drawn
the unknown story. people were holding
it is invisible, from
cocoon threads only, not threads.
Performances Homepage https://ameblo.jp/ask-butai/entry-12387974863.html
Appearance Kusunoki of Lotus / Fujimoto Maple / King Gojong walking less and Segawa are MoE / 五東, cloth / Awara Yu love / SATO Utako / Minami interest Nana / cheap-YUI / Kawada friend Quaternary / OTA Aya ayano / Nakahara 3000 generations / Kuramoto from / Shingu Otoya / Yoshida Kotaro / kawana Kosuke / 馬庭 Ryosuke / sacred Yu Takahashi light / Tatsuya Isaka
Staff Screenplay: Director: Kanno Minister taro / music: Noda Kohei / planning: Satoshi Furukawa
Schedule <Period>
2018/9/5 (Wed) 〜2018/9/10 (Mon)

9/5 (Wednesday) 19:00
9/6 (Thursday) 14:00 / 19:00
9/7 (Friday) 19:00
9/8 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
9/10 (Monday) 14:00
* doors will start 30 minutes before.
Ticket Fee ADV: 5700 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

+ Ticketing Fee
Venue Theater green BIG TREE THEATER
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