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Musical Seat Broadway Musical GODSPELL


2019/11/27 (Wed) `2019/12/3 (Tue)


Six-Party Hall

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8IS6,800~ 5,600~ 200PQbgI
+ Ticketing Fee

Detailed Information

Performance content "Godspell" is a rock musical that replaces the last seven days of Christ with the present day, based on the Matthew of the New Testament. It is the work of Stephen Schwartz who produced a number of blockbusters such as "Wicked", "Notre Dame's Bell" and "Pippin". Starting with the off-Broadway premiere in 1971, it has been popular with broadway expansion, film adaptation, and several re-enactments since the 21st century.
There are no roles except for the central characters Jesus (= Christ) and Judas, and the company's total strength is demonstrated in a format that develops a story with a good tempo throughout the cast. The first performance in the musical theater this fall will be directed by Azusa Fujikura, who has worked extensively on everything from original to overseas productions, featuring playful screenplays and music that remains in the ear.
Performances Homepage http://www.musical-za.co.jp
Appearance Jesus? Shinichi Hashimoto?? ilk?saga? Oney? Judah? Lieutenant Yokoo?? ilk?saga?e Jiso?? Oney? yMilkz? Igarashi Kaee-e-e-e-toe-to-to-to-to-to-to-to-to-to-to-to-to-to-to-to-toe-to-to-be-to-the-time-to-be-to-be-of-the-water-to-the-water-to-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-y yHoneyz?! Sado Nasuko #Taka J Shoko -?"Miyu-ye-J-guchi akari-a-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i Yanso-e-e-water-ren-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-sei-
Staff yScreenplayz? John Michael Teverak ? yLyrics and Compositionz? Steven Schwartz? yTranslation, translation, directingz? Azusa Fujikura ? yMusic Director/Performancez? Natsumi Kuda ? yChoreographyz? Miho Harada ? yArtz? Hiromi Tokumasu ? yCostumesz? Five Great Teruichi ? yLightingz? Nobuhiro Nakaji ? yAcousticz? Tatsuya Hashimoto ? yStage Directorz? Takeshi Kotani ? ySinging instructionz? Asako Yamagishi ? yDirector's Assistantz? Yuka Kushiro ? yAdvertising Artz? Tomotaka Komiyama ? yChoreography Assistantz? Saki Takahashi ? yCastingz? Akane Isaka ? yProductionz? Kaori Mitsuji ? yCopyright Coordinatorz? Yoshida Hidemi ? yProducerz? Toshiaki Takemoto ? yExecutive Producerz? Hamanakakatool ? yPlanning, Production, Organizerz? Musical Seat
Schedule Period
2019/11/27 (Wed) `2019/12/3 (Tue)

*Eligible performances
11/29 (Fri) 13:00 Milk / 19:00 Honey
12/2 (Mon) 19:00 Milk
each 2 to 4 people total 8 people
>>>br />Opening is 30 minutes before the start of the show.
*Duration: About 2 hours and 10 minutes (with 15-minute break)
Ticket Fee 8IS6,800~ 5,600~ 200PQbgI
+ Ticketing Fee
Venue Six-Party Hall
Organizations Overview In 1995, he was founded by musical artist and director Hamanakakatoor, with the aim of announcing and spreading new musicals in Japan. "Himeyuri", "The Miracle of Lourdes", "Where To Go", "Mother Teresa Love Song", "Birth of a Star", "Heart Sutra", "Royal Host Club", "Nicky", "Marionette", "Trouble Show", "Time Fries", "Cam ilera", "sign", "sign", " He has produced 45 original musicals, including The Ice Sword, Propaganda Cockpit and Ranger. In recent years, he has been focusing on performances based in Nagano and has gained a good reputation. In addition, the members of the theater company are also active in various works including toho musical.