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Maurice Bejart Ballet in Japan 2020


2020/5/13 (Wed) 〜2020/5/17 (Sun)


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Large Hall)

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Seat B: 13,000 yen
C seats: 10,000 yen
(all seats reserved and tax included)
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Detailed Information

Performance content [Introduction]
The immortal masterpiece of the master Bejart and the latest work of
artistic director Jill Romain.

Maurice Bejart, a genius choreographer who brought love and innovation to dance. It is created as the art of modern people who stare at life and death by removing the old decoration of ballet. Based on his strong curiosity and vast knowledge, the stage has captivated people all over the world as a state-of-the-art comprehensive art, incorporating elements and methods from different fields such as theater, film, literature, thought, and religion. He first came to Japan in 1967. In the blink of an eye, it attracted the attention of people with keen sensitivity and created a boom.
In 2007, after Bejart was missed and died, Jill Romain, who had been active as a Bejart dancer for many years, became artistic director under her mentor's will. In addition to dancing Bejart's works, he has presented new dances that touch the core of the relationship between modern and social people.
For the 18th time in three years, this Japan performance will include "Ballet for Life," which has been acclaimed in various places using the music of the Queen of the world-class rock band in A Pro, "Bolero," a masterpiece that can be said to be bethed in Bejart, and "Brel and Barbara," the latest work by the artistic director Jill Roman, based on two Chamson singers.

[Work Description]

Standing ovation of excitement and excitement awaits!
Queen x Bejart miracle performance.
Ballet for Life BALLET FOR LIFE

- Priests' Hall still has its charm and the garden glow remains the same
Conductor: Maurice Bejart< ;br />Music: Queen/W.A.Mozart
Costume: Gianni Versace
The movie "Bohemian Rapsodi" won four Academy Awards. Queen, a world-renowned rock band whose mega-hit performance was also known as a social phenomenon. Maurice Bejart's musical music is a miraculous stage of rock and ballet.
Bejart created this work as a tribute to two artists who died at the age of 45 at the same time: Freddy Mercury, the Queen's iconic, and Georges Don, a dancer who had a charismatic presence in Bejart's work. The costume was handled by Gianni Versace, a fashion child from the 80s and 90s. He was also the same generation as Freddy and Don, a victim who fell to death without waiting for the premiere of the film.
It's Queen's glittering hit song that resonates with the whole story. As the dancers burst the life, freddy appears wearing a dress that was his trademark. Mozart's music is inserted in some places, and images of illness, death, and heaven are vividly contrasted. The climax has a solemn atmosphere, which can be called a memorial service for the victims of the modern era, and the audience is filled with emotion.
The 1997 Paris premiere was performed by a member of queens, expressing support for this bold stage. Queen Brian May said in an interview, "Everything Bejart does is shocking and a testament to his genius." Since then, Europe, Asia, South America, Russia and the stage that has always created a frenzy across the border will return to Japan for the first time in 12 years!

It was more than 30 years ago. As Berlioz's loud music was bombed and the sound of machine guns, the unconventional Frere Laurent shouted in front of Georges Don and Hitomi Asakawa. Let's stop fighting and love each other.
And today, Jill Romain, who was about the same age as i when she created Romeo and Juliet, is surrounded by dancers who have never seen this work before. "You said, "Let's stop fighting and love each other." But why does love force us to fight?
Even after it came to be called the so-called post-war, in addition to the problem of the numerous wars that are constantly occurring in the world, it is a cry of anguish of young people who have become a caused by love death problem!
The most important thing for my ballet work is encounters. In other words, encounters with music, encounters with life, encounters with death, encounters with love, and encounters with people. The past and the work of these people are reincarnated in me. In the same way, I, who used to be a dancer, reincarnate in the performers every time, and i'm going to surpass what I used to be.
Queen's music fell in love with it all at once. Ideas, intensity, humor, love... here's everything. I liked their. They inspire and guide me. By the way I'm sure of the following. That is, in "No Man's Land" that we will one day go to, Freddy Mercury #8943 #8943 will sometimes be on the piano with Mozart.
This is a ballet work about young people and hope, should be said. Because, as an optimist at heart, I think of it as "Show Must Go On" as the Queen is singing after all.
-Maurice Bejart
br />[Songs used]

It's a beautiful Day
Let Me Live
Brighton Rock
Heaven for Every
I W'll Be Born to Love You
Kind of Magic
Get Down Make Love
Seaside Rendezvous
(Prophet's Song)
Take My Bress Away
Radio Ga Ga
Winter's Tale
(The Great Pretender)
Millionaire Waltz
Love of My Life & #12316; Brighton Rock
Bohemian Rapsodi> br />Break Free
Show Mast Go On
>br />Mozart
Koji van Tutte
Piano Concerto No.21
Funeral Music for Freemasons K.477
Concert Symphony in E-flat major K.364
with John Zone Born from collaboration,
Jill Roman's latest work
People always dream of Tous les hommes presque toujours s imaginent
choreography: Jill Roman
Music: John Zone
Script/Video Collaboration: Marc Alone
Costume: Henri D'Avila
Lighting: Dominique Roman

Art director Jill Romain has invigorated the ballet company after Bejart's death by presenting a number of stylish dances that contain contemporary awareness of issues. The latest film of the April 2019 premiere, born from encounters and talks between him and John Zone, a master of contemporary American music that develops music rich in diversity, will appear in a Japanese performance. While suggesting various relationships and environments surrounding modern people, dance with the power that comes out one after another was described as "a painting that breathes and moves of rare poetry and elegance, kindness."
"People always dream" (title borrowed from Ludwig Hall's work) is the title that tells all of the work. If ballet isn't a journey, what can you say?
With no compass, NO GPS, no signs or explanations, just one imagination, and challenge this journey. You will be able to appreciate the source of this work in the gaze, desire, and personality of the dancers, and in my endless admiration for John Zorz's rich and great works.
Have a good trip with lots of love!
-Jill Roman

Brel and Barbara Barbara Barbara et al.;/b><;br />Choreography: Maurice Bejart
Music: Jack Brel, Barbara
Costume: Jean-Paul Knott
Lighting: Dominic Roman
The work of Bejart gem sings a scene full of love, poetry and humor while using the video using the 13 songs of two chanson singers Jack Brel and Barbara. Bejart loved the subject figures and created unique works by assimilating deeply with them. Created in 2002 for Jill Romain and Elizabet Ross, this work has been danced many times in the form of excerpts in gala performances such as the World Ballet Festival. The costume is made by Jean-Paul Knott, a popular Belgian designer.

Bejarimmortal masterpieces that spark explosive excitement

Conductor: Maurice Bejart
Music: Maurice Ravel

The solitary "melody" dancing on a huge red table and the "rhythm" that is guided by its charisma. "Bolero" vividly unfolds the elaborate music built by Ravel in dance, ending with an explosive climax and giving shock and catharsis to the viewer. It is also known as a ritual in which dance recreates the mysterious power of ancient times, and in Japan, star dancers such as Georges Don and Sylvie Guillem left a masterpiece of Bejart immortality. Please enjoy the overwhelming stage by the Bejart Ballet of the home!
Performances Homepage https://www.nbs.or.jp/stages/2020/bejart/cast.html
Appearance Maurice Bejart Ballet
Staff Artistic Director? Jill Romain
Schedule <Period>
2020/5/13 (Wed) 〜2020/5/17 (Sun)

5/13 (Wednesday) 19:00 A
Thursday, May 14 14:00 A / 19:00 A
Saturday, May 16 17:00 B
May 17 (Sun) 14:00 B

A-Pro "Ballet for Life"
Performance time: about 1 hour 45 minutes (no break)
If you are late for the performance, you will not be able to sit in your seat, so please come in time.
B>B-Pro "People always dream", "Brel and Barbara", "Bolero"

Performance time: Approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes (including breaks)
Please be sure to check the performance schedule before purchasing. br />
Ticket Fee Seat B: 13,000 yen
C seats: 10,000 yen
(all seats reserved and tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee
Venue Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Large Hall)
Remarks Note: The performers are scheduled as of November 22, 2019. Performers may be changed due to unavoidable circumstances such as illness or injury. In that case, please note that all conductors, solo singers, and dancers will perform in place of each other. We do not accept refunds of tickets due to performer changes, or changes in performance dates and ticket types. The final performers will be announced on the day.

The music uses a special recording sound source.
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