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Stage "Sanson- The Man Who shook louis XVI刎s neck- [Tokyo performance] ★ same day exchange ticket


2021/4/23 (Fri) 〜2021/5/9 (Sun)


Tokyo Building Brillia HALL

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Performance content Starring Goro Inagaki Stage "Sanson - The Man Who Shook Louis XVI刎 performed in April 2021

French Revolution shining brightly in history,
An unknown truth that was proceeding at the same time just behind it.

Lobespierre, Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI...
It was only one man who hit their necks.
A story of solitude that survived while fighting fate.

Why "Sanson" now?
Charles-Henri Sanson, an executioner who existed in 18th-century France. As the fourth executioner in Paris, the stage was decided based on the true story of living during the turbulent French Revolution.
Charles-Henri Sanson was an ardent Catholic who did his job by asking himself, "Is it not only God who can decide the life and death of man?" and "The death penalty must be abolished." Decause he was abhorrent by the public, his inner heart was a complete abolitionist of the death penalty. At that time, the method of execution was different depending on the type of death, such as beheading if aristocracy and strangling if ordinary people. Sanson was also a person who was a person who was part of the invention of guillotine (head stand) so that the difference in the body did not become a difference of the pain from the viewpoint of the equality thought, "Death which did not make anyone feel pain equally". The invention of the guillotine increased the speed of executions, and Sanson was the second in the world to carry out a total of about 3,000 executions.
However, Sanson was said to have secretly given mass at the risk of his life after the execution of King Louis XVI, and was at the mercy of his own from his own and history, but his strong spirit and freedom of mind were at the mercy of Charles-Henri Sanson in any adversity.
Charles-Henri Sanson was both an executioner and a doctor.
I think his destiny has hope and light to shatter our closed society today.

Goro Inagaki
Inagaki this January In "No.9- The Melody of Immortality", he plays beethoven for the third time, and this new role of executioner is played before I think that 'Goro Inagaki Beethoven' has settled in people's memories. It is an inextensable "conflict" to be ginged inside Charles-Henri Sanson, who lives the fate of the "executioner". In the depths of calmness, Goro Inagaki expresses with all his heart and soul the "conflict" surrounding the life and death of human existence.

The charming figure surrounding Sanson
25-Hashinosuke Nakamura plays Louis XVI, who should be said to be the center of the French Revolution. As one of the leading young people in the kabuki world, Nakamura has actively participated in stage productions other than Kabuki for the past few years, and has been active as an actor who always thinks about tradition and innovation.
And as the bearer of more energetic group dramas, young people who represent the leading role in television and movies gathered. Atsushi Hashimoto( 34) as an indispensable presence when expressing the delicate period of modern youth, Teru Makishima (25) who is active in musicals and theater with a focus on 2.5-dimensional works, mainly movies and TV dramas Motoki Ureai, 30, an acting school, Season Fujiwara, 28, who has played unique roles surreally, and Hajiki Shimizu, 30, who demonstrates his acting skills on TV and on stage. Expectations are high for the next generation of young people representing Japan today.
Ryosei Tayama, a heavyweight after a long time in Shirai's work. Takaaki Enogi plays a major role as Charles's father.

The third stage launched by the best creators
Director Akira Shirai, screenwriter Kazuki Nakajima (writer with theatrical company Shinsui Line), jun Miyake of music. Set in the Anglo-French Hundred Years' War, the creative team is the first stage of "Joan of Arc" (2010 premiere), which depicts a heroine who is swallowed up by the torrent of fate, and the second stage "No.9- Immortal Melody" (2015 premiere), which depicts the half-life of Rakusei Beethoven with the music, and the third is this "Sanson".
Based on historical figures and real people, in addition to a bold leap of ideas, Nakajima delicately depicts the sober executioner Charles-Henri Sanson as a spectacle of the times, weaving the play world with pleasant lines that, once heard, burned into the brain. Miyake, who has collaborated with many artists from all over the world based in Paris, will challenge this time with an original written whole story. Miyake, whose daily routine is to take a walk in the streets of Paris with the evening view, expresses the atmosphere of this city with the breath of the times and the music of sensibility. Please look forward to seeing how Shirai, who has a deep knowledge of music and art, will express the chaos of the revolution and crowd psychology with top-notch creators.

1766, France. That day, a man stood in the High Court court in Paris.
His name is Charles-Henri Sanson. He is the only executioner in Paris and a proud man called "Monsieur de Paris" as the acting judge of the country. In a trial accused by the lady of being deceived into eating together without knowing the most abhorrent executioner in Paris, Charles stresses the importance and significance of the executioner's profession to the presiding judge, the judge, and the audience with his pride, and the victory of the trial is won by one person without the defense lawyer. At this time, father Baptiste also defended the honor of the executioner and celebrated the victory.
But with the death of Louis XVI and the accession to the throne of Louis XVI, France began to shake greatly, and sinners were sent one after another before Charles. Generals, nobles, commoners. For the masses, who were gloomy every day, execution watches were also the entertainment of the common people.
Charles, who has a spirit of mercy within himself, raises questions about his work between the brutality of execution and his duties in judging sin.
There is a father murder by Jean Louis, the son of a horseshoe. Actually, it is an accident that father's love for his lover Eline was killed. Friends, harpsichord craftsman Tobias, and later revolutionary Saint-Giusto moved to help him, where Charles would think more deeply about the country's laws and penalties.
What is the state that Charles, who is shaken by meeting young Napoleon, the doctor Guillotan and others who move the times, arrives...
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Appearance Goro Inagaki ? Nakamura Hashinosuke ? Atsushi Hashimoto ? Teru Makishima ? Motoki Oki Oki ? Fujiwara Season ? Kiyomizu Ha moon ? Tomojun ? Hideyo Fujita ? Makoto Arikawa ? Kazuyuki Matsuzawa ? Ryosei Tayama ? Takaaki Enogi ? Sotaro Ito ? Mai Imaizumi ? Satsuki Okazaki ? Tatsuya Oda ? Minami Kubota ? Shinya Kumano ? Yu Saito ? Yoshimi Naito ? Satsuki Nakami ? Shibaaki Nakamura ? Junko Narasaka ? Narita Ken ? Hiroshi Nosaka ? Minoru Hata naka ? Masaya Furuki ? Maria ? Tetsuji Muraoka ? Murata Tensho ? Watanabe Keisuke ? Ryo Watanabe
Staff Directing? Akira Shirai ? script? Kazuyuki Nakajima??? Dan ☆ New Sense Line? ? music? Jun Miyake
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2021/4/23 (Fri) 〜2021/5/9 (Sun)

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Ticket Fee 【S seat exchange ticket】:13,500 yen

【S seat exchange ticket】
※On the day, we will exchange for a seat selection ticket at the reception from 60 minutes before the start.
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