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LUCKUP Tomorrow morning, as usual


2021/7/16 (Fri) `2021/7/25 (Sun)


Wan Theatre

Ticket Fee

All seats reserved (advance): 6,000 yen
Wheelchair seats (advance): 6,000 yen
(tax included)

It will be accepted only for WEB reservations.

+ Ticketing Fee

Detailed Information

Performance content Synopsis

man and woman of 5 years of cohabitation.
they loved each other. But there is no sex. It's not been two years.

life of a man and a woman continues.
, I'm sure tomorrow will be tomorrow like today.
, but still in their lives, they are happy. br /> but not. What is happiness? <>, another woman appears in front of the man, and the man is attracted to the woman. br/woman, another man appears in front of the woman that he likes himself.

and one day, a woman's sister becomes pregnant.

life is the same as usual.
changes little by little and collapses. <'m>
/B,It's been broken for a long time.
Performances Homepage https://www.luckup.co.jp/
Appearance yAz? Takahiro Saito 、?Ako、Y.Hyada Yuki 、| Goro Ishi@Ayuko Ayuko V、 Ako Umatsu 、 Masazumi Koda ? yBz? Odaira Takao "kE Asuka@z Nanami 、Cs Kawa Daiki、ta Double Incense *?Li Rina Mekyohei ? yCz? Kenta Asekawa、k Karin 、Tari *?? I-Lysinal "kE Asuka #? "Asaki $X Wataru ? yDz? Goro Takeishi 、k Karin、{Yasuka"rKi Nagi 、C High @I?? Wa ten-tone order?
Staff Created and directed? Yosuke Nakajima ? Executive producer? Takahiro Saito ? producer? Chihiro Yoshida ? Planning and production? LUCKUP Co., Ltd. ? support? Campeti
Schedule Period
2021/7/16 (Fri) `2021/7/25 (Sun)

16 (Fri) 19:00 (A)
17 (Sat) 12:00 (B) / 15:30 (C) / 19:00 (D)
18 Sun 12:00 (C) / 15:30 (B) / 19:00 (A)
19Th (Monday) 15:00 (D) / 19:00 (C)
20 (Tue) 15:00 (A) / 19:00 (B)
21 (Wed) 15:00 (C) / 19:00 (D)
22 (Thu/ Holiday) 12:00 (B) / 21 15:30 (A) / 19:00 (D)
23 (Fri/ Holiday) 12:00 (A) / 15:30 (B) / 19:00 (C)
24 (Sat) 12:00 (D) / 15:30 (A) /19:00 (B)
25 (Sun) 12:00 (C) /15:00 30(D)

*4 Team formation/ 7-person play
delivery performance (planned)

* The opening is 30 minutes before the start.
About 1 hour and 20 minutes
Ticket Fee All seats reserved (advance): 6,000 yen
Wheelchair seats (advance): 6,000 yen
(tax included)

It will be accepted only for WEB reservations.

+ Ticketing Fee
Venue Wan Theatre
Organizations Overview It was formed by Takahiro Saito, a representative who is active as an actor, and Chihiro Yoshida, a deputy representative who is active as a stage producer. An organization that mainly plans, produces, and produces stage performances and events. He is also involved in the planning, production, and sales of goods and the design of printed materials, etc. by related organizations.
In addition to individual activities, we plan and produce production performances in-house, provide a place where many of the artists and staff who have been connected so far can play an active role, and engage in activities to disseminate entertainment widely.
established in September 2017. It was in-business in July 2019.
/ GOOD LUCK vol.1 "MOMOTARO" & LIVE Stage September 12-14, 2018 @ Kichijoji STAR FINE & #039 S CAFE
General Direction: LUCKYUP "MOMOTARO" Screenplay and Direction: Kyohei Ohbe
/ (Play) Hammerhead Shark~LUCKUP "TRUMP" June 5 -16, 2019 @Ikebukuro Theater KASSAI
GOOD LUCK vol.1,1 "Toksa Ging pagoda" 2020 March 26 -29 (Sun.) @ Arai Yakushi Special Colors Script and Direction: Rei Urushiyama
, "INDESINENCE" Wednesday, March 24 - Sunday, March 28, 2021 @ Akasaka Red Theater Script and Direction: Shinya Sato (Sprint Monkey)